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Abalone VG10 Damascus Little Razorback no lock knife UD402134

Overall length:142mm   Blade length:58mm   &...
Ex Tax: $24.00

The Chinese Feast Damascus steel no lock folding knife UD402180

Overall length:15.1cm Blade length:5.6cm Handle length:9cm...
Ex Tax: $34.00

100% VG10 Damascus Guan Yu small folding knife (two stypes) UD405116

Type: Damascus knife Overall length:12.7cm Blade length:5....
Ex Tax: $28.00

2013 New Arrival 8Cr13MOV Stainless Steel OEM Damascus Steel Pocket Knife Handle Tool UDTEK01211

Overall length: 16cm Blade length: 6cm Handle length: 9cm ...
Ex Tax: $14.00

Abalone handle Damascus steel blade folding knife collection knife UD40920

Overall length:16.5cm Blade length:6.5cm Handle length:9.5...
Ex Tax: $28.50

Acid branch version OEM Damascus Steel Folding Knives Collection Knife UDTEK01303

Type: Folding Knife Overall length: 21cm Blade length: 9cm...
Ex Tax: $44.00


Brand: OEM DAMASCUS Type: Folding Blade Knife Overall leng...
Ex Tax: $22.10

Apple Abalone handle Damascus blade folding knife UD401793

Overall length:11.5cm Blade length:5cm Handle length:6.7cm...
Ex Tax: $40.00

Bamboo bone Damascus folding knife UD403396

Overall length:17.5cm Blade length:8cm Handle length:9.5cm...
Ex Tax: $26.50

Beautiful queen Damascus no lock small folding knife UD402327

Type: folding knife Overall length:14.2CM Blade length:5.3...
Ex Tax: $22.50

Black beauty VG10 Damascus steel folding knife UD404803

Overall length:19.8cm Blade length:8.2cm Blade thickness:0...
Ex Tax: $31.00

Blue bird Damascus folding knife with Abalone handle UD404496

Type:folding knife Overall length:18.5cm Blade length:8.0c...
Ex Tax: $36.00

Blue bird Damascus folding knife with Red sandalwood handle UD404497

Overall length:18.5cm Blade length:8.0cm Handle length:10....
Ex Tax: $36.00

Brand New Double Wolf No. 3 Hunting Knife Outdoor Knife with Color Wood + Steel + Brass Handle UDTEK01375

Brand: Double Wolf Overall length: 23.2cm Blade length: 10...
Ex Tax: $10.00

Browning F107 damascus blade knife UD402124

Overall length:178mm   Blade length:75mm   &...
Ex Tax: $29.00
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