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Cold Steel 3D Water pattern camping knife machete UD404881

Brand:Cold Steel Overall length:45.0CM Blade length:30.0CM...
Ex Tax: $50.00

COLD STEEL dogleg machete UD402429

Brand: COLD STEEL Overall length:39.5cm  Blade length...
Ex Tax: $22.00

Colorful Scorpion King fixed blade knife Machete UD404705

Overall length:39cm Blade length:25cm Handle length:14.2cm...
Ex Tax: $45.00

Columbia tiger head M730 fixed blade camping knife machete UD404961

Brand:Columbia Overall length:34.5cm Blade length:20.4cm ...
Ex Tax: $16.00

Corrosion grain dogleg machete with color box UD402253

Overall length:44.2cm Blade length:27.6cm Handle length:14...
Ex Tax: $37.00

Crescent Wolf II super mirror surface machete UD402310

Overall length:44.5cm  Blade length:26.3cm  Hand...
Ex Tax: $59.00

Eagle Machete(sharp head and flat head) UD50085

Type: Camping machete  Overall length: 49.5cm Blade l...
Ex Tax: $7.50

FOX Defense Master machete fixed blade hunting combat knife UD404866

Brand:FOX Type: fixed blade knife Overall length:47.6cm B...
Ex Tax: $44.00

Fox-STF3 Machete UD4011115

Brand:Fox Type:machete Overall length:40cm Blade length:2...
Ex Tax: $46.00

High Quality Black wind spiderman # 2 Hunting Knife Jungle Knife with Ebony/Brass Handle UDTEK01259

Overall length: 25.7cm Blade length: 12.8cm Handle length:...
Ex Tax: $14.50

High quality handwork dog leg machete UDTEK01237

Overall length: 36.2cm Blade length: 20.1cm Handle length:...
Ex Tax: $40.00

High Quality Leather + Ripe Handle Machete Knife Curved Knife UDTEK01355

Type; Fixed Blade Knife Overall length: 21.5cm Blade lengt...
Ex Tax: $17.90

High Quality Micarta Handle OEM Strider Machete Knife Long Knife UDTEK01283

Brand: OEM Strider Type: Machete Knife Overall length: 45....
Ex Tax: $45.00

High Quality USA13-58 Machete Knife Survival Knife with Color Wood Handle UDTEK01252

Type: Machete Knife Overall length: 35.5cm Handle length: ...
Ex Tax: $12.00

Honeycomb handle 116-2 black fixed blade knife no logo machete UDTEK10112

Overall length:545mm Blade length:370mm Handle length:163m...
Ex Tax: $19.00
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