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Fox N680 tactical fixed blade knife(corrosion pattern)UD402240

Brand;FOX Overall length:31.6cm Blade length:16cm Handle ...
Ex Tax: $21.00

M9 Saber Knife Rescue Knife Hand Tools with Fiber Handle UDTEK01363

Overall length: 31cm Blade length: 18.2cm Handle length: 1...
Ex Tax: $24.00

2014 New Edition OEM Strider M9 Fixed Blade Knife Tactical Knife UDTEK01168

Overall length: 33.5cm Blade length: 19cm Blade width: 4.2...
Ex Tax: $45.00

56HRC Small Silver Snake Fixed Blade Knife Outdoor Knife Gift Knife with Aluminum Alloy Handle UDTEK00663

Type: Fixed Blade Knife Overall length: 26cm Handle length...
Ex Tax: $8.00

7Cr17MOV Stainless Steel S90 Fixed Blade Knife Survival Knife UDTEK01345

Overall length: 23cm Blade length: 11cm Handle length: 12c...
Ex Tax: $21.00

8CR17 Knife Soul SCU-8 Fixed Blade Hunting Knife UDTEK00666

Type: Fixed Blade Knife Overall: 22.5cm Blade length: 12.5...
Ex Tax: $29.00

All camo 80 bayonet UD402305

Brand:D80  Overall length:33cm Blade length:17.5cm&nb...
Ex Tax: $25.00

Black fox series--Leader (Zebra) combat knife UDTEK01919

Brand: Fox Type: Straight knife Over length:42.5cm Blade ...
Ex Tax: $28.90

Black Soul Hell M18 Tactical Knife Machete Knife with G10 Handle UDTEK01340

Overall length: 25cm Blade length: 14cm Blade thickness: 5...
Ex Tax: $43.40

Cold Steel Sammi Katana Knife Warrior Knife UDTEK01202

Overall length: 32.8cm Blade length: 18.8cm Blade thicknes...
Ex Tax: $19.00

Columbia Savage tribe-Supreme Leader fixed blade knife UD50081

Type: FD08 Overall length:285mm Blade length:160mm Blade ...
Ex Tax: $8.50

Corrugated Steel Survival Knife Camping Knives with Metal Handle UDTEK01337

Type: Fixed Blade Knife Overall length: 29cm Blade length:...
Ex Tax: $34.90

Cross Army Small Fixed Blade Knife Straight Knives with Micarta Handle UDTEK01235

Brand: Cross Overall length: 20.7cm Blade length: 10cm Bl...
Ex Tax: $21.00

Dwaine.carrllo Tough guy fixed blade knife UD402391

Brand:Dwaine.carrllo Type:tactical army knife Overall leng...
Ex Tax: $39.00

Folding small army thorn UD40241

Overall length:30.5cm Blade length:19.8cm Blade width:2.1c...
Ex Tax: $15.00
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