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Cold Steel defense no logo claw knife cs go karambit EDC Tools for sale UD404956

Brand:Cold Steel Type: claw Overall length:18.8cm Blade l...
Ex Tax: $5.00

Cold Steel F92 claw knife karambit with 2 differnet colors UD404898

Brand:Cold Steel Type: claw knife Overall length:21cm Bla...
Ex Tax: $7.00

Cold Steel Tiger claw UD50073

Original: Cold steel 49ks,the one handmade version,full tang...
Ex Tax: $33.50

Color Titanium Transformer Pterosauria claw karambit folding knife UD405053

Overall length:31.3cm Blade length:15.1cm Handle length:17...
Ex Tax: $26.00

Crescent Claw Knife ( prong head ) UD40434

Overall length: 16.0 cm Blade length:...
Ex Tax: $7.00

Crescent Claw Knife ( T head ) UD40435

Overall length: 16.4 cm Blade length:...
Ex Tax: $7.00

DA46 QTRM5TF qtr-z stainless steel karabmits claw knife UD41299

Overall length: 17.8cm Handle length: ...
Ex Tax: $8.50

Emerson 025 no logo training claws UD403366

Overall length: 19.2cm Blade length: 4.9cm Blade width:3.0...
Ex Tax: $12.50

Emerson 025 Rhino Claws two colors in stock UD403365

Overall length: 19.2cm Blade length: 4.9cm Blade width:3.0...
Ex Tax: $12.50

Emerson 0961 claw T head black and white blades UD402321

Overall length: 20.1cm Blade length: 7.3cm Blade width:2.7...
Ex Tax: $12.50

FOX 590 claw(black)UD402284

Brand:FOX Overall length:17.5cm Blade length:6.2cm Handle...
Ex Tax: $12.50

FOX 590 training claw(sanding)UD402285

Brand:FOX Overall length:18.0cm Blade length:6.2cm Handle...
Ex Tax: $12.50

FOX camo handle and blade karambit Eagle claw UD404707

Overall length:19.5CM Blade length: 7cm Handle length:14cm...
Ex Tax: $10.00

Fox extrema claws UD401106

Type: Claw Brand:Fox Overall length: 19.5cm Blade length:...
Ex Tax: $22.10

FOX F91 all blade karambit claw knife UD404897

Brand:FOX Type: claw knife Overall length:20cm Blade leng...
Ex Tax: $6.00
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