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FOX F91 folding knife claw karambit knife with Aluminum handle UD404865

Brand:FOX Type: folding knife Overall length:19.8cm Blade...
Ex Tax: $6.50

FOX F98 outdoor camping claw karambit knife UD405113

Brand: FOX Type: folding knife Overall length:22.5cm Blad...
Ex Tax: $10.00

Fox FA30 fast opening three colors claw knife karambit UD404826

Brand:FOX Type: folding knife Overall length;19.0cm Blade...
Ex Tax: $7.00

Fox FA33 claw karambit knife with coated handle UD404957

Brand:FOX Type: claw Overall length:20.0cm Blade length:7...
Ex Tax: $6.00

FOX karambit G10 handle black blade UD402233

Overall length:19.5CM Blade length: 7cm Handle length:14cm...
Ex Tax: $13.50

FOX X63 Claw knife (coated) karambit knife UD405103

Brand: FOX Type: Claw knife Overall length:17.2cm Blade l...
Ex Tax: $6.50

FOX. USA8 claw UD401748

Brand: FOX Overall length: 19cm Handle&...
Ex Tax: $31.00

Liwei Cockscomb claw karambit knife sanding surface UD404893

Brand:LW Overall length:25.0cm Blade length:15cm Handle l...
Ex Tax: $25.00

Liwei Cockscomb claw karambit knife with Titanium coated surface UD404892

Brand:LW Overall length:25.0cm Blade length:15cm Handle l...
Ex Tax: $25.00

LW49 self-defense thick VG10 blade claw knife UD405126

Brand: LW Overall length:22.8cm Blade length:12cm Handle ...
Ex Tax: $43.00

Mantis Cockscomb claw UD402299

Brand:Mantis Overall length:8.6cm Blade length:3.2cm Hand...
Ex Tax: $15.50

Mantis MK X64 5CR15MOV satinless steel karambit claw knife with 2 different colors UD404887

Brand:MK Type: claw knife Overall length:16.5cm Blade len...
Ex Tax: $6.50

Mantis X51 Savage claws UD402428

Brand:Mantis Overall length:16.5cm Blade length:7.1cm Han...
Ex Tax: $6.50

Matsuda Claw UD41145

Brand: Matsuda  Overall length: 16cm ...
Ex Tax: $30.00

Meng Doom claw UD50075

Overall length: 7.5CM Blade thickness:0.3CM Blade material...
Ex Tax: $16.50
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