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440 stainless steel material screwdriver American mutiltool pliers UD06023

Material: stainless steel 440C Hardness: 57 Surface:stainl...
Ex Tax: $10.50

Blister card packing survival folding knife UD405287

Overall length:20.5cm Blade length:9.1cm Handle length:11....
Ex Tax: $13.00

F107 fast opening multi use folding knife with hook UD405210

Overall length:22.0cm Blade length:9.0cm Handle length:1...
Ex Tax: $16.00

Infantry straight Military survival knife UD401536

Type: straight knife Model: 1400 Overall length: 27.2cm ...
Ex Tax: $39.70

Mini multi-function pliers strong pliers portable UD06044

Material:3Cr13(strong) Surface:sand blasting processing(r...
Ex Tax: $4.80

OEM 1500 D sharp full blade survivor infantry straight knife (simple edition) UD405145

Model: 1500 Overall length:24.9cm Blade length:12.3cm Han...
Ex Tax: $24.00

OEM 342 fast opening cusp half serrated folding pocket knife UD401158

Type:folding knife Overall length: 20cm Blade length: 8.5c...
Ex Tax: $7.50

OEM 680 Mini small thorn fixed blade knife dagger UD402139

Overall length: 9cm Blade length: 4.2cm Blade width: 2.8cm...
Ex Tax: $11.50

OEM high quality AT15 button folding knife UD401120

Type:folding knife Overall length: 20.6cm Blade length: 8....
Ex Tax: $7.90

OEM Multi-function pliers tool knife screwdrivers UD402170

Type:multi-function tool knife Overall length:16.3cm Blade...
Ex Tax: $27.50

OEM New edition infantry straight knife set hunting knife UD405144

Model: 1400 Overall length:27.2cm Blade length:12.3cm H...
Ex Tax: $36.00


Overall length: 12.2cm Blade length: 5cm Blade thickness: ...
Ex Tax: $4.10

OEM TA16 folding pocket rescue camping knife UD401119

Type:folding knife Overall length: 20.5cm Blade length: 8....
Ex Tax: $7.90

OEM Thickened aluminum handle material fixed blade knife UD404812

Overall length:34cm Blade length:20cm Blade thickness:6.2m...
Ex Tax: $23.00

OEM Wasp fixed blade straight knife with G10 handle UD401531

Type: two-edged Overall length:21cm Blade length:9.5cm Ha...
Ex Tax: $11.00
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