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Boker DA65 quick opening folding knife UD402183

Overall length:21.2cm Blade length:8.6cm Handle length:12....
Ex Tax: $6.00

440 Stainless Steel OEM BOKER DA1 Folding Knife UDTEK01422

Brand: OEM BOKER Overall length: 22.3cm Blade length: 9.5c...
Ex Tax: $8.50

5Cr13 stainless steel Boker.BK826 back lock folding knife UD401906

Brand:Boker Type: folding knife Overall length:19.6cm Bla...
Ex Tax: $8.00

All Steel Handle OEM BOKER Stainless Steel Folding Knife UDTEK01404

Brand: OEM BOKER Type: Folding Knife Lock: Side Lock Hand...
Ex Tax: $10.00

Aluminum Handle OEM BOKER N207 Ant Folding Knife UDTEK01463

Brand: OEM BOKER Overall length: 21.5cm Blade length: 9.5c...
Ex Tax: $8.00

Boker Rino folding knife(black) UD49134

Unit:CM Overall length:13 Blade length:5.5 Blade thicknes...
Ex Tax: $4.00

Boker The Berlin wall edition folding knife (silver) UD49180

Type:folding knife Brand:Boker Overall length:21.5cm Blad...
Ex Tax: $7.50

Boker 083BS all blade Folding Survival Knife Outdoor Pocket Knives Tools UD49140

Brand:Boker(Germany) Model:083BS Blade material:440 Hardn...
Ex Tax: $7.50

Boker 088 god high quality OEM folding knife UD48217

Type: folding knife Overall length:22 Blade length:9.2cm ...
Ex Tax: $7.50

Boker 609BS tactics folding knife(camo) UD40442

Type: folding knife Brand:BOKER Model: 609BS Overall leng...
Ex Tax: $5.50

Boker assistance folding knife UD48417

Type: folding knife Brand:Germany Boker Model: 913 Overal...
Ex Tax: $7.50

Boker AT-9 high quality outdoor folding camping hunting knife UD48614

Model:AT-9 Blade material:440 Hardness: 56 Type: folding ...
Ex Tax: $7.50

Boker collection .OEM high quality folding knife UD48221

Type: medium folding knife   Brand: Boker   Over...
Ex Tax: $12.50

Boker Crazy hunter fixed hunting knife with Micarta handle UD404999

Overall length:21.5cm Blade length:10.8cm Handle length:10...
Ex Tax: $12.50

Boker DA-9 black folding knife UD40459

Brand:Boker Type: folding knife Overall length:20.7cm Bla...
Ex Tax: $6.50
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